About Indie Youth Fest

— Indie Youth Fest 2017 —

Armed with its children beneath its armpits, the FEYST giant hurls itself across the mountain and triggers the parachute. The giant had no time to think, not even pause while at the edge of the mountain. All it thought about, was the throng of people awaiting its arrival and how it could entertain this this year… This is a little like how we began. How we started building a festival from scratch, a small pond of sponsors and partners who believed in us.

We keep the spirit of that giant alive and prepare each year for another amazing year! Each year, we seek international partners that believe in that same dream as us. The dream where passion is alive where young people come together to do amazing things. To play. To learn. To compete. To dream. The festival will head off on a world tour – bringing more Malaysian youth to countries like France, USA, China, Sweden, Singapore, Australia to participate and collaborate with youth from around the world!

Organised by GoInternationalGroup.com – a brand activation and creative marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Indie Youth Fest is the platform from where ONE Team Malaysia is selected to fly the Jalur Gemilang (the country’s flag) at festivals around the world! The team is usually made up of pro-gamers (that’s professional video gamers!), social media influencers, youth journalists and musicians.

Consider it a giant GIG. One where all indie folks can come together and do their thang… be it sing, dance, trade or simply be their creative selves. It’s about embracing our digital world and the DIY culture. Aptly so, our tagline says it all…

Be yrself. Stay indie!

This year, the organisers have added in another component – Digital Delirium Xpo; an exhibition of gadgets, games and green IT. We’ve also tied up with an international partner where Indie Youth Fest will serve as the springboard for youth to propel to the world!


Humble beginnings

You could say Indie Youth Fest was inspired from the organisers having produced over 130 Doppelganger Open Mic gigs, events and concerts since 2002. Kudos to the two maestros – Jasmine Low and Nikki Yeo who were mostly behind the scenes, putting together countless events. They even opened ‘flash cafe store’ Indie Scene Cafe at Picolo Galleria in Bukit Bintang over one Christmas; worked with Troubadours to produce Wayang Kata with the British Council. What stemmed as an appreciation and obsession of locally produced works, has now been adopted by the duo’s company – Go International Group Sdn Bhd as its CSR / community project: www.doppelgangerkl.blogspot.com. Visit the blog and you’ll have a taste of what indie is all about.

Bring Indie Youth Fest to your hometown!

Interested to partner with us? Indie Youth Fest on Tour could come to your town. All you need to do is email us your request and let’s talk! Email: jasminelow [at] gointernationalgroup.com or call +6017 623 0288.


We need sponsors! Do you know of any sponsors who would be interested in supporting our efforts? We offer great sponsorship packages and attractive ROI returns. Contact Festival Director, jasminelow@gointernationalgroup.com for more details.

— Background 2008 —

The ‘Indie Youth Festival’ is an event which displays the world of digital culture via music, arts and digital creativity. It is an event that catapults youth to the next level regardless of what cause they fight for – be it in music, dance, comics, design, video gaming or entrepreneurship.

An line-up of activities include an indie pop concert, poetry readings, Doppelganger Open Mic Open Stage performance, cartoon expressions, GenY Greenie display, e-sport tournament, a Social Network Gathering, Fashion. All these activities will be produced and stage managed by Organiser, Go International Group right here in Kuala Lumpur!

Indie Youth Festival is about being original, it’s about being yourself and doing things you want to do. Keep the indie spirit ALIVE!

It all started with Go International Group’s community project, Doppelganger Open Mic Open Stage. Since 2002, its Managing Director, Jasmine Low has been organising open mic events around the Klang Valley. It’s high time the hundreds of gigs now culminate into a 3-day mega event in 2008, and now a 5-day event in 2009 for the people, by the people.

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    how to join?where?when?

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