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Go International E-Sport Cup

Go International E-Sport Cup

Live Update:

25 Feb 2017

Welcome to the home of e-sports in Malaysia! Go International E-Sport Cup aka GO.esc (read GO ESCAPE) is a phenomenal brand that will be taking Asian e-sports by storm. This is the platform from where professional Malaysian gamers will get the opportunity to travel across the planet to participate at the coolest international e-sports tournaments worldwide including the ELECTRONIC SPORTS WORLD CUP @ PARIS GAMES WEEK in France, DREAMHACK in Sweden – the world’s largest digital festival and many more. This year, gamers will also be treated to a new taste of championships where foreign teams of international stature will be invited to Malaysia to compete on our homeland. So if you’re a pro-gamer, brace yourself. GO.esc is a step towards going pro.


Games played today:

  • Clash Royale (C) Supercell
  • Just Dance (C) Ubisoft
  • FIFA18 (C) EA
  • DOTA2 (C) Valve

Past games played:

  • Heroes of Newerth HoN (C) S2
  • Trackmania (C) Ubisoft
  • Winning Eleven (C) Konami
  • FIFA10 (C) EA
  • Counter Strike 1.6 (C) Valve
  • DoTA (C) Blizzard
  • Guitar Hero (C) Activision


– News from 2009 –

Firstly, a big thank you to our partners this year. Sendi Mutiara Multimedia and E-Club Online Management will be assisting us in building this newly launched tournament – GO International E-sport Cup (GO.esc). The GO.esc tournament acts as a gateway for Malaysians to participate in DreamHack Sweden. Thus the marriage of …


In addition, the GO.esc CS1.6 Open Tournament offered CS1.6 gamers another opportunity to WIN CASH PRIZES worth RM3,000. This tournament ran alongside the DreamHack Malaysia Finals. We’d like to also offer a word of thanks to our partner cyber shops: FTZ Asia.net in Penang and also Subang SS15; and Gizmo Gamers in Kuching and also our independently run e-sports online partner, SpotGamers. Also a huge word up to our e-sports commentary partner – a huge word of thanks to Gamestah.com! Finally, our hardware sponsors: RAZER, ACER, ALTEC LANSING & VIEWSONIC and of course, it’s GAME ON with Broadband Done Right by DiGi at High Street, 1Utama. Thanks for your support!

eSports Commentary and Shoutcasting for Competitive Gaming


GO.esc//DreamHack CS1.6 Top 3 teams
Team LZ emerge as the Champions of GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia
(Counter Strike 1.6 by Valve) as well as GO.esc Open Tournament!

GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia Finals (Counter Strike 1.6)

1st Place: Team LZ (Jabronizs, Bobo, Gavin, Rico, Hix)

5x all expenses paid flight & accommodation to Jankoping, Sweden from Kuala Lumpur
Mock Cheque – Sweden
GO.esc // DreamHack Gold Medal
5x Razer Headsets in bag
5x Razer T-shirts
5x DiGi jerseys

2nd Place: Team RV.Razer (kIngz, Proph, baw, Flymetosolaris, Jay)

Giant Mock Cheque
GO.esc // DreamHack Silver Medal
5x Razer Headsets in bag
5x Razer T-Shirts

3rd Place: Team 5 (Sniggy, Haller, nic, zuL, KrixxKroxx)

Giant Mock Cheque
GO.esc // DreamHack Bronze Medal
5x Altec Lansing Speakers
5x Altec Lansing T-Shirts

4th – 8th placed teams will each receive a GO.esc // DreamHack Grand Finals certificate of participation and their awarded prize monies from the qualifiers. There were a total of 8 qualifying teams, selected from the national qualifiers held in FTZ.Asia Penang, Subang Jaya and Gizmo Gamers Kuching. 4 1st Placing qualifying teams won RM500 per team while the 2nd Placing teams won RM250.

1st-CS1.6OPEN - Team LZ
Team LZ dominates once again at the GO.esc CS1.6 Open Tournament by emerging as champions.

GO.esc Open Tournament (Counter Strike 1.6)

1st Place: [LZ] (Jabronizs, Bobo, Gavin, Rico, Hix)

RM1,500 cash
Giant Mock cheque
Certificate of Participation
5x Altec Lansing Speakers

2nd Place: 8075 (sHadzZ, Bezict, Zyrex, Maverick, Lil’ Jacky)

RM1,000 cash
Giant Mock Cheque
Certificate of Participation
5x Norton Antivirus CDs

3rd Place: Kampung Gaming

RM500 cash
Giant Mock Cheque
Certificate of Participation
5x Norton Antivirus CDs

4th – 8th placed teams will receive a GO.esc Certificate of Participation.

1-TMNF - Strifemare
Strifemare wins 1st Place at Trackmania – pictured from left to right are: Jasmine of Go Intl Group, Dylan of E-Club, Strifemare himself and Nikki Yeo of Go Intl Group.

GO.esc Trackmania

1st Place: Strifemare

Certificate of Participation
1x Razer Keyboard in bag
1x Altec Lansing Speakers
1x Crocs

2nd Place: YeaHan85

Certificate of Participation
1x Razer Mat & Mousepad in bag
1x Crocs

3rd Place: TPK

Certificate of Participation
1x Razer Headset in bag
1x Crocs

4th – 6th placed players each received a Certificate of Participation and Razer Headset in bag.


GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia Qualifiers for Counter Strike 1.6 – PENANG (15 August 2009) at FTZ.Asia 28A, G/F Abu Siti Lane, Georgetown, 10400 Penang.

GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia Qualifiers for Counter Strike 1.6 JOHOR BAHRU (TBC).

GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia Qualifiers for Counter Strike 1.6 KUCHING at Gizmo Gamers Kuching (3 October 2009).

GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia Qualifiers for Counter Strike 1.6 SUBANG (10 & 11 October) at FTZ.Asia, Subang. No.2, Jalan SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya.

GO.esc Casual Game Qualifiers GF HIGH STREET, 1 UTAMA SHOPPING CENTRE (14-16 October).

GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia Grand Finals GF HIGH STREET, 1 UTAMA SHOPPING CENTRE (17 & 18 October).


Over RM70,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won!!!

The winner of the Official GO.esc // DreamHack Malaysia games will WIN a trip to represent Malaysia in Sweden!!! Go International Group will sponsor flight, accommodation and seats for one champion team of each of the official games to Jankoping, Sweden for DreamHack Winter from 26-29 November 2009.


  • Counter Strike 1.6 [platform – PC]
  • Trackmania [platform – PC]
  • Tetris [platform – Mobile Phone]
  • Bejewelled [platform – Facebook]
  • Bookworm Deluxe [platform – PC]
  • Grand Theft Auto 4.0 [platform – pc]
  • Register to play


  • Counter Strike 1.6 (c)  Valve
    • Gamers, please register to play at least 72 hours before each State Qualifier.
    • Counter Strike 1.6 rules and regulations.
  • One single player game – to be announced later because DreamHack has not yet announced the full game list as yet. Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, please give us your feedback on which game you strongly feel Go International Group should nominate as our next official game for DreamHack.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: NEWS UPDATES::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Go International Group has secured a partnership with World’s Largest LAN party and computer festival, DreamHack Sweden.

Organisers of Indie Youth Fest will be putting together an independent homegrown tournament for pro-gamers. Get ready for the Go International Electronic Sports Cup 2009, also known as GO.esc. In partnership with the Largest Computer / Digital Festival in the world that also threw the most enormous LAN party as recorded by Guinness Book of Records (2007), GO.esc doubles up as the DreamHack Malaysian Qualifiers.

Games line-up include Counter Strike 1.6 and several other games to be announced on 1st August. Teams are invited to register in person, or online from 1st August onwards. We’re sorry! Requests before that date will not be entertained.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2008::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

In 2008, Indie Youth Fest was held in collaboration with the Electronic Sports World Cup 2008 Malaysia. This was an international tournament where Team Malaysia headed to San Jose, USA for the global grand finals and came home with a Silver Medal. This also created the opportunity for the pro-gramers, Team Kingsurf who play DotA to meet with the Prime Minister! Thanks to the industrious team at Go International Group for helping make history as they were the FIRST VIDEO GAMERS TO MEET A PRIME MINISTER in Malaysia.The sad news is that in March 2009, ESWC’s main organiser GAMES SERVICES based in Paris, France announced that the company had gone under receivership and will no longer be able to hold the international tournament. That news left the world shocked and saddened as it was the ‘indie’ big brother of video games championships. We are still awaiting news on the possibility of ESWC being revived… visit our blog www.eswcmalaysia.wordpress.com

  1. LML says:

    you MUST add StarCraft to this, as other will already win, with StarCraft (SC, or BW or SCBW or BroodWar) easily winning .. 😉

  2. BWSiGurD says:

    Starcraft/Broodwar ❤

  3. Jujiko says:

    How the hell can u have an e-sports event without starcraft in it?

  4. Major says:

    I,ll support this e-sport with all my heart as long you include Starcraft : Broodwar in it.

    Even those Swedish want to see a Malaysian representative for SC:BW

  5. Darkstar says:

    starcraft:broodwar is by far the best competitive game to be played on such a event.

    it’s a shame you didn’t suggest it right from the start

  6. exalted says:

    Get Starcraft up in this event, for sure.

  7. raptor says:

    not having starcraft on this event would be like not having salt next to pepper

    im honestly serious

  8. X says:

    If Starcraft:Broodwar is not listed as the official game, I,m seriously gonna cry.

    Pls, pls, pls add Starcraft

  9. KKK says:

    any1 know wad time does the tourney starts in FTZ subang ?

  10. dee dee daaa says:

    Does the 1.6 tournament got HLTV ?
    anyone know where i can get the IP Address ?

  11. strifemare says:

    wow, all the starcraft fans coming out of the woodwork. you guys should’ve come earlier, i’m sure Go would’ve loved to include such a competitive game.

  12. Vincent says:

    definitely starcraft:brood war, best e-sports up to date in world and most exciting , intensifying fastest pace game to watch out of others ….SHAMe if sc isss off

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