Malaysia @ DreamHack

Team LZ @ DreamHack Winter 2009

Team LZ, the champions of Go International E-Sports Cup won seats at the DreamHack Winter 2009 Counter Strike 1.6 tournament. This is the first for a Malaysian team to participate at the world’s largest digital festival in Jonkoping, Sweden. Organised twice a year in Summer and Winter, this amazing ‘digital woodstock’ is a festival that includes film screenings, concerts, exhibition by sponsors like Telia, Norton, Dell, Roccat, Steel Series, Razer and more!

Stay tuned on the team’s progress here:

Attending teams:
01. H2K-Gaming (DreamHack Summer Champions)
02. Begrip-Gaming (DreamHack Stockholm Champions)
03. 0bites * (DreamHack Skellefteå IV Runner-ups)
04. Rodcad Gaming (Benelux qualifier)
05. 2easy4 (German qualifier)
06. LZ (Malaysia qualifier)
07. TitaNs (Singapore qualifier)
08. Evil Geniuses (Direct invite)
09. SK-Gaming (Direct invite)
10. Millenium (Direct invite)
11. PGS D-Link (Direct invite)
12. MeetYourMakers (Direct invite)
13. Laget fd. Phantom Squad (PlayZeek DreamHack-ladder Round 19)
14. Power Gaming (Finland qualifier)
15. (Baltic qualifier)
16. nOu (Baltic qualifier)
17. LCSL (Baltic qualifier)
18. PlayMore (Serbia qualifier)
19. Oslo Lions (IOL Online qualifier Sweden)
20. k1ck (Portugal qualifier)
21. mTw (Direct invite)
22. compLexity (Direct invite)
23. Darkside (Norway qualifier)
24. Viborg Vipers (Denmark qualifier)
25. Spirit of Amiga (Denmark)

Group A
Evil Geniuses

09:00 – Group A / Round 1 (dust2)
Evil Geniuses 16 vs. 6
LZ 16 vs. 11 0bites*

10:15 – Group A / Round 2 (de_train)
Evil Geniuses 16 vs. 3 LZ
0bites 3 vs. 16

11:30 – Group A / Round 3 (de_inferno)
Evil Geniuses 16 vs. 3 0bites
LZ 5 vs. 16

Playoffs schedule:
10:00 Round of 16 – 4 matches
1st Group A vs. 2nd Group B
1st Group B vs. 2nd Group A
1st Group C vs. 2nd Group D
1st Group C vs. 2nd Group D

13:00 Round of 16 – 4 matches
1st Group E vs. 2nd Group F
1st Group F vs. 2nd Group E
1st Group G vs. 2nd Group H
1st Group H vs. 2nd Group G

17:00 Quarter finals
19:00 Semi finals
22:00 Grand Final


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