About GO.esc


Spawned by Go International Group Sdn Bhd, GO.esc offers gamers two kinds of fun – professional gaming competition, and casual game play in a competitive environment. The annual event is organised in conjunction with Indie Youth Fest – the largest indepedent digital festival in Malaysia.

The unique thing about Go International Group is that its focus is in the people who play the games – the youth. “We’re not a gaming company, we’re a marketing communication company which organises fun festivals”, said its Managing Director Jasmine Low. She added, “Since our tie-up with Electronic Sports World Cup France last year, we learnt so much from the experience and were so impressed by the content of the event in San Jose, USA that we have decided to bring the experience to Malaysia”.

Although a ‘new kid in town’, gamers, watch out as this event is likely to be one of the most exciting annual e-sports events, which springboard gamers to international tournaments like Electronic Sports World Cup – California USA in August 2008, DreamHack Winter in November 2009, Electronic Sports World Cup in France 2010, Digital Youth Award in Shanghai and Singapore GameFest in 2010.


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