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We’re moving into the 3rd year already! This May 7 & 8 2011, come on over to Pavilion KL outdoor stage for a chance to watch a Beatbox Crew Battle between SHAZET (2010 champion) versus SHAWN LEE (2009 champion) crews. This should be fun! Later in the year, expect another round of the MALAYSIA BEATBOX CHALLENGE. Who will take the crown as this year’s MBC Champion?

The 2nd MALAYSIA BEATBOX CHALLENGE came down on 9 & 10 October 2010 as an integral part of the Indie Youth Fest 2010 (FEYST10) activities. Beatboxers saw competition rise at the Ground Floor Driveway of Berjaya Times Square mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the two days with judges MC Vandal, JFK and Kevin Theng from band An Honest Mistake. Led by our young coordinator, Megat Salleh, we saw the entries come in via YouTubeTM. Megat kept the mood up and introduced the challengers that weekend and they definitely got some attention! Malaysia’s best beatboxers took centrestage to battle it out for the 1st prize – a DJ console by French eQ maker, HERCULES contributed by PLAY INTERACTIVE. This year, there was a total of RM4,000 in prizes were given out, including over RM3,000 worth of LOIS JEANS vouchers. Thanks to our sponsors!

Here, take a look at some of the entries here:

SHAWN LEE – our 2009 winner… will he be able to defend his title?

And here’s the winner of 2010 – SHAZET! Congratulations!

More videos are available online: just hit ‘2nd Malaysia Beatbox Challenge 2010’

Click ‘MORE’ to read about the 2009 MALAYSIA BEATBOX CHALLENGE…

Introducing the 1st MALAYSIA BEATBOX CHALLENGE. Organised in collaboration with 16-year old manager of SRB, Megat Sallehuddin, beatboxers were invited to post a video response to his youtube video. The video must have been a video of the contestant beatboxing. View the video.

Indie Youth Fest 2009 - The 1st Malaysia Beatbox Challenge

There are 2 things that MUST be captured in the video: 1.It must be longer than 1 minute and less than 4 minutes. 2.Contestants must say,”I WANNA WIN THE MALAYSIA BEATBOX CHALLENGE!” This video is for both Individual Battle and Crew Battle category. The best 32 will be chosen for the Individual & the best 8 will be chosen for the Crew Battle category. For the crew battle category, only 3 beatboxers is allowed in one crew. Round of 17 & the Quarter Finals will be held on 1st & 2nd of august. Meanwhile, the Semi-Final & Final will be held on 17th & 18th of October. All Semi-Finalists in both categories will be given an allowance to cover their expenses for the trip to 1 Utama. Deadline for the entry video: 15th july 2009 Participation fee: RM20 per person to enter. All contestants will receive the MALAYSIA BEATBOX CHALLENGE T-shirt & more mystery gifts that soon to be confirmed. Contestants will be given a chance to ‘warm up’ before the battle as they will be given time to showcase what is BEATBOX on stage before they battle. Some of the contestants will be featured in the BEATBOX WORKSHOP (3 sessions will be held).

The 1st Malaysian Beatbox Challenge is part of the largest independent festival in Malaysia, INDIE YOUTH FEST 09…

Latest updates as of 25 July 2009. And here is the latest line-up:

Group 1:
Group 2:
1.Dj Coex
Group 3:
Group 4

The Indie Youth Fest season kickstart event on 1 & 2 August hosted the Malaysian Beatbox Challenge and welcomed the beatboxers who came all the way from Penang, Puchong to KL… thank you all for participating! We’re also pleased to announce that there will be a CREW BATTLE happening at the Indie Youth Fest Grand Finals in 14-18 October 2009 at 1Utama LG Rainforest / High Street areas once again. The Quarter Finals finalists are… Shawn / Shazet / Shane / Rave

Congratulations, guys! We’ll see you back at 1Utama in October!!!

Watch highlights:

>> Shane vs Koujee >> Shawn vs Kim Sng

Non-competition highlights:

::: AbeatC & Koujee Collab Jam @ Studio V

Beatboxers Biography

Rhythm - beatboxer

My name is Rhyme and i started beatboxing since 2006, but i really practiced it only in year 2009. I live in Penang, Malaysia and i'm 15 years old this year. The first ever beatboxing sound that i heard before is the techno bass made from the throat. It was done by my friend during a practice before our orchestra performance. I was amazed and since then i kept on doing it and started researching about it. Then i found out it was called beatbox. I watched a lot of beatboxing tutorials in YouTube and learnt the inward snare drum, nasal growl bass and so on. My few idols that i knew through youtube are Josepeh Poolpo, Joel Turner and roxorloops, which are very proffessional beatboxers overseas. Then i heard about our local beatboxers, Shazet and Shawn Lee. Both of them inspired me and motivated me to practice beatbox everyday.


Shawn Lee - Born in 1991. Beatboxing is Shawn's passion. Shawn Lee has been beatboxing since 2006. He performed for events, clubs, and shows. He also performed in other countries such as Taiwan, Germany, Singapore. Shawn also performed with local celebrities such as Harith Iskander and Hannah Tan. He also Represented Malaysia For the Beatbox Battle World Championships 2009 and was the Best 16 in the competition and he was the youngest in the Best 16. He was also ranked number 9 in the Beatbox Battle World Championships 2009 which was held in Berlin, Germany. Shawn's passion is entertaining people.

KimSng started beatboxing seriously since March 2008. Self-taught through youtube and other various sites on the internet, Kim usually performs solo but have also performed along side with other beatboxers, singer, rapper, dancer, band and also, in a sketch. She has performed in colleges, secondary schools, shopping malls, clubs, charity events, open mics etc, namely Berjaya Times Square, Subang Parade, Euphoria by Ministry of Sound, Sunway University College, Inti Nilai University College, KDU, SMK Taman Connaught, SMK Damansara Utama, SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, Youth 09, Lions and Leo club events, Outloud Open Mic, Track of Talents (open mic) etc. Other extra qualities are performing beatboxing solo while playing the harmonica myself and doing stand up comedy with a mix of beatboxing. Focuses on developing fresh ideas and style for every performance.

Mr.C / See Khai Shen is 19 years old and hails from Johor Bahru, Mr. C discovered beatbox 4 years ago, but only started to beat 2 years ago.. He believes that “Beatbox is For Life”!

ABeatC is one of the youngest and freshest beatboxers that is bursting out of the scene of Malaysia. He is only 18 years old and has already beatboxed for more than 2 years. He is currently in Malaysia’s best beatbox crew, comprising of fellow beatboxers M3 and Rave. He has performed in several huge venue and events such as Youth 09 and at Indie Youth Fest 09 1 Utama, one of Kuala Lumpur’s biggest shopping mall.

DJ CoeX is one of the most newest and the most anticipated break-out beatboxer in Malaysia. He currently resides in Bukit Mertajam, Penang where he does most of his gigs. DJ CoeX is 17 and has been beatboxing for 2 years. He has broken the barriers of beatboxing by proving that anyone can beatbox, and that it is not just a form of making farting sounds. He is also part of a crew back in Bukit Mertajam, Penang where he beatboxes. The All-star crew is known for its unusual but rhythmic blend of beatboxing and break dancing. DJ CoeX is also well known for his skills in impressing girls, his quick wit and his trendy style.

Click on our MEDIA ROOM to read up more on the latest updates on the Malaysia Beatbox Challenge at Indie Youth Fest.

Text provided by Megat Salleh, edited by Team Indie Youth Fest 09.

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