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26 November 2016, Kuala Lumpur – The Electronic Sports World Convention (ESWC) (formerly known as Electronic Sports World Cup) is an international professional gaming championship held at the Paris Games Week. Every year, winners of national qualifier events around the world earn the right to represent their country in the ESWC Finals. The event has been praised for its organisation and ability to put on a good show for spectators.

Malaysia will once again be represented by a single FIFA player at the Paris Games Week 2016. Supported by GamesBond, eGG Network, RedBullMalaysia and, “I would like to represent Malaysia in ESWC because it’s great platform for me to show to the world how much potential that Malaysia FIFA Player has, plus I will not represent only myself but all FIFA Players in Malaysia. Lastly I will give my best to bring the championship to Malaysia for the first time,” said Nur Amirul Afandi or better known as AmTuah.

National FEYST // ESWC Malaysia festival directors, Jasmine Low and Nikki Yeo extended the invitation to newcomers Suki Lee and Muhammad Fazli Bin Razak of Games Bond to attend and represent Team Malaysia at the ESWC, Paris Games Week. Jasmine said, “It’s a great inspiration to see young entrepreneurs supporting the e-sport scene! We are pleased to pass on the baton to anyone who is keen to support the e-sport industry because we see it as a healthy environment for young men to learn about drive, ambition and perseverance”.

She added, “During our time pushing the e-sports agenda in 2008, we too attended festivals like NVISION sponsored by NVIDIA in San Jose, California and also CEBIT in Hanover, Germany. Our partnership with ESWC enabled annual meetings with e-sports tournament organisers from around the world. It is this world-view exposure that we find lacking in youth today and we are dedicated to send more and more young people outside to experience the world because we believe these experiences create lasting impressions and form ideas that can lead to greatness and success,”.

Throughout the ESWC finals, the medal tally so far (as of ESWC 2014):

# Countries Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 France France 23 14 25 62
2  United States 13 9 8 30
3  Sweden 12 14 9 35
4  South Korea 10 8 4 22
5  Poland 5 3 3 11
6  Netherlands 5 2 5 12
7  Germany 4 8 10 22
8  Ukraine 4 3 1 8
9  Russia 3 4 6 13
10  Denmark 3 4 5 12
11  Brazil 2 5 0 7
12  Slovakia 2 5 0 7
13  Belarus 2 1 0 3
14  Canada 2 0 1 3
15  China 1 5 7 13
16  Spain 1 2 2 5
17  Norway 1 1 0 2
18  Singapore 1 0 0 1
19  Finland 1 0 0 1
20  Iran 1 0 0 1
21  United Kingdom 0 2 2 4
22  Austria 0 2 0 2
23  Romania 0 2 0 2
24  Portugal 0 1 2 3
25  Italy 0 1 0 1
26  Croatia 0 1 0 1
27  Malaysia 0 1 0 1
28  Indonesia 0 0 2 2
29  Serbia 0 0 2 2
30  Belgium 0 0 1 1
31  Mexico 0 0 1 1

Nikki Yeo added, “It’s impressive from a global viewpoint to see Malaysia on the medals tally map. Who would have thought otherwise, that our nation could generate so many young and talented cyber athletes?”.



Malaysian licensee for the Electronic Sports World Cup since 2008 – has so far sent 30 cyber-athletes to participate at international tournaments around the world from San Jose, USA (ESWC 2008); Jonkoping, Sweden (DreamHack 2009); Shanghai, China (Digital Youth Award at Shanghai World Expo 2010); Singapore (Digital Youth Award 2010) and Paris, France (ESWC 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016). has made Malaysian history as an independent company that is committed to growing, grooming and developing young cyber athletes for competition in the international arena. The company believes that by supporting professional video gamers and musicians in their quest for world recognition, young Malaysians gain so much more on their return to pursue their non-traditional careers. ESWC and GO.esc are a part of’s own homegrown video games and independent music festival – FEYST Indie Youth Fest.


FEYST goes to Cyberjaya!

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Announcements


Introducing the 7th installation of FEYST: Independent Youth Festival! What started off back in 2008 as a combo music + video games festival, has now gone above the line under the name “CYBERJAYA CREATIVE PLAYGROUND” or #CJPlayground in short. In collaboration with #CJPlayground, FEYST14 will put Global Battle of the Bands on the centre stage! 

What to expect?

  • #CJConcert feat. OAG, Y2K, S.O.G., Couple, An Honest Mistake ++
  • FEYST Concert feat. Phlox, The Rubberbands ++
  • GBOB Malaysia (Global Battle of the Bands)
  • Doppel Music World Open Mic
  • CJTECHTalk feat. David Garpenstahl (Stockholm)
  • Cyberfusion LAN party by Spotgamers

Festival pass: Get your FREE passes now. Tickets go on sale starting 1st NOV. Reserve your tickets now at


The GBOB World Final is coming to OSLO!
Oslo City is proud to be hosting this year’s GBOB World Final, at the Rockefeller, on the 8th of March 2015 (Sunday). GBOB is the Global Battle of the Bands, the biggest worldwide music competition for bands playing their own songs, live.
On March 2015, the best new bands from around the world will be gathering in Oslo and performing live before a Norwegian Audience and various Music Industry Professionals from around the world, in an effort to win this year’s title “Best New Band in the World” and a massive International Band Development Package, courtesy of GBOB Worldwide and its Partners. This year’s participating countries include Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, Malaysia, Romania, Moldova, England, Scotland, Belarus, and more.
GBOB is a global live music competition for real, un-manufactured bands playing their own, original music. Other competitions, like Pop-Idol and X-Factor, are all about cover-songs. In GBOB there are only two main rules: all bands have to play their own songs, and play live. 
GBOB has grown year on year and to date has involved more than 40,000 musicians across Europe, Asia, Australia, and Central America. Its reputation for breaking new bands is proven by previous winners who have since signed deals with Warner Brothers, Universal and EMI as well as production deals with leading producers including Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, Charlatans) and Danny Saber (U2, David Bowie). To register or know more, please go to
See you at one of our FEYST events!

Bo Bedroom Sanctuary

The 5-day season kick start of the 6-month annual festival Indie Youth Fest 2011 came to a close on 10 May 2011 last week. Its organising committee are brimming with ideas for the next few months of activities. Meanwhile, you can check out the multitude of content created from the 5-days. From music, video games, creative arts, visual graphics to just pure noise, you can view some of the content on Facebook “FEYST . Indie Youth Fest Official” or “Sweden Malaysia Innovation Days”. You can also view it on the “Indieyfest” YouTube channel. Or, view the amazing photo library here at the FEYST11 Flickr page.

User-generated content is also out there for all to see. One such product is the unofficial zine produced by the guys from S.C.U.M. mag. View the special FEYST edition here:

Free SCUM FEYST zine

Visit GO.esc website for details. Team LZ will be at Pavilion to face challengers. Do YOU have what it takes? See you at Pavilion this weekend!

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Ikea’s meatballs? Well, we have managed to secure 100,000 meatballs sponsored so kindly by Ikea. We just need to find the hungry mouths to feed. Oh, here’s the catch. Not just mouths. We will also need to find someone to COOK IT. So we’ll be getting 100,000 frozen meatballs and gravy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to solve this puzzle and get the lovely cooked meatballs with gravy to YOU by the 6th May 2011.

View confirmed band list

Here’s what we have lined up: Bo Bedroom Sanctuary, Pesawat, The Otherside Orchestra, Sam (Kuman), Azmyl Yunor, Reza Salleh, Jerome Kugan, Liyana Fizi, Zalila Lee, Izzy Mohd, Dichi Michi, TILU, Beatburns, Tres Empre, Beeha, Amirah Ali etc.

In partnership with our friends from Pekan Frinjan and Zulhabri, we bring you over 55 acts during the weekend.

We’re pleased to report back to you on the latest confirmed musicians for the festival. Let’s start with the headliners, and we will release more information within these next 2 weeks. We thank you, all bands and singer songwriters for your patience as we go through our list. There are over 100 bands signed up and we need sort give priority to those who have performed at Doppelganger Open Mic, or at least we’ve heard you play LIVE before at one of our shows.

We’ll start with a festival special gig at No Black Tie. This night will feature a “Sweden Malaysia Collaboration Gig” between Malaysia’s homegrown singer songwriters – REZA SALLEH, LIYANA FIZI, JEROME KUGAN, IZZY MOHD, ZALILA LEE & BEDROOM SANCTUARY (BO AMIR IQRAM) and also Sweden’s homegrown folk/blues/americana duo, THE HARVEST. The show will be recorded LIVE at No Black Tie on 9 May 2011. Tickets at the door and will go on sale starting 27 April. Limited release of the CD compilation will go on sale end of May!

Jerome Kugan

Originals by jeromekugan

The Harvest (Sweden)

The Harvest by The Harvest

1. What do Malaysia and Sweden have in common? Besides the obvious few household brands like IKEA, VOLVO, TETRA PAK, ELECTROLUX, what else would a Malaysian know about Sweden? Well, it definitely has a solid reputation for being an innovative country, through well-known inventions, the Noble Prize and multinational brands. Many countries, including Malaysia, view Sweden as a role-model in creating a competitive and innovative economy. But did you know that one of Malaysia’s drive to make the economy more innovative is the establishment of a special innovation unit (UNIK) within the Prime Minister’s Department, led by Datuk Kamal Jit Singh? The Sweden Embassy facilitated a visit by a UNIK-delegation to Sweden in January and a cooperation with the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) is under way. Food for thought.

2. A string of exciting events are on the calendar.

1. Innovation Forum, 10 May

Venue: Pavilion KL

The key event during the Sweden Malaysia Innovation Days will be the innovation forum with distinguished Swedish and Malaysian speakers on innovation and creativity. The forum is co-organised between the Embassy and several Malaysian partners.

2. FEYST 2011 – Indie Youth Fest/Digital Delirium Xpo, 6-8 May

Venue: Pavilion KL

GO International Group has organised Indie Youth Fest (Pesta Remaja Indie) for the past three years and has brought 35 young Malaysians to participate at international festivals like NVISION in San Jose, USA 2008, DreamHack in Sweden 2009, ESWC in France 2010 and Shanghai World Expo in China last year. For the festival in 2011, the Embassy will be working closely with GO International to create a festival that has a particular Swedish touch to it. Swedish music producer will be holding several workshops during the festival and at least two Swedish bands amongst a team of Malaysian acts will participate in the event.

In connection with the FEYST Youth Festival, there will also be a digital expo featuring pro-gaming tournament, games, gadgets and digital content creation.

3. Visit by Malaysian journalists to Sweden

In order to create the right “buzz” for the Sweden Malaysia Innovation Days the Embassy currently putting together a programme for a few key Malaysian journalists to visit Sweden and introduce them to aspects of innovation in Swedish society. The visit will take place end of March.

4. Culinary Sweden – Sweden Malaysia Nobel Gala Dinner, 6 May

Venue: KL Hilton

The Innovation Days will be kick-started by a Swedish Malaysia Nobel Gala Dinner on 6 May at Hilton Hotel. The renowned Swedish Chef Michael Elfwing will prepare a gala dinner in the spirit of Nobel, with authentic menus. During the gala dinner Fredrik Härén will hold a speech on innovation and he will be joined by a high-level Malaysian speaker. There will also be entertainment from well-knowned Swedish and Malaysian artists, of course!

Wow! Sounds like fun! Now want to get involved? You can submit your application as a volunteer and be a part of our energetic team. Email Applications close 10 April 2011.