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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Ikea’s meatballs? Well, we have managed to secure 100,000 meatballs sponsored so kindly by Ikea. We just need to find the hungry mouths to feed. Oh, here’s the catch. Not just mouths. We will also need to find someone to COOK IT. So we’ll be getting 100,000 frozen meatballs and gravy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to solve this puzzle and get the lovely cooked meatballs with gravy to YOU by the 6th May 2011.


Heya peeps! This is a vid we found on youtube and it’s mind blowing!!! Now, do you know anyone who plays like this? Tell us! We’d like to invite them to demo their skills at Indie Youth Fest’s Digital Delirium Zone this October at 1Utama. Email: indieyfest [@]