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Since the inception of FEYST: Indie Youth Fest in 2008, we have garnered approximately MYR30million (USD10million) in media ROI. Not bad for an independently managed festival 🙂 We thank all media partners and friends of the media for their ongoing support, in making our little festival gain reputation and recognition for our youth participants across the world. It feels good that we were able to create an impact for them through our platform.

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Independent Youth Festival press conference was held on 13 July 2009 at the MSC Cybercentre at Plaza Sentral in Kuala Lumpur, the 2009 focus is around digital technology and music – making Indie Youth Fest and Digital Delirium Xpo two brand names to look out for!

27 December 2009: BusinessFM 89.9FM

Jasmine Low, MD of Go International, Team LZ Gavin Lam, Gerrard Anan talk about their experience at Dreamhack, the world’s largest LAN party and how digital culture is not something be to afraid of.

26 November 2009:

A team of 5 Malaysian cyber athletes left to Jönköping, Sweden today to participate in DreamHack Winter, the world’s largest digital festival; Malaysia’s first participation in this event.

25 November 2009: The Star, TechCentral

25 November 2009: Team LZ makes it to DreamHack! Five local cyber-athletes have done the country proud by being the first Malaysian team to participate in DreamHack Winter, billed as the world’s largest digital festival.

14 October 2009: The Star, R.A.G.E.

Independent Youth Festival. By SHARMILA NAIR. THERE is no reason to fret if you don’t have any plans for this weekend. Go check out all the action at the Independent Youth Festival (Indie Youth Fest) at 1Utama Shopping Centre in Bandar Utama featuring Ipoh band BITTERSWEET…

5 October 2009: The Star, R.A.G.E.

Malaysia Down Under by Ian Yee – Some may think our college students these days are not ‘Malaysian’ enough, but the news coming back from the indie artistes who performed at the annual Malaysia Festival in Sydney, Australia suggests otherwise.

12 August 2009: The Star, Star TWO

Rocking festival by Sharmila Nair – LOUD music, Guitar Hero, Wii, beatboxing and a whole lot of fun – that pretty much sums up the Indie Youth Fest (IYF) 2009 roadshow held at the 1 Utama Shopping Complex in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, recently. It kickstarted the IYF 2009 roadshow…more

12 August 2009: The Star, R.A.G.E.

Beat makers by Sharmila Nair – Shawn Lee doesn’t need instruments that gets people dancing. All the 17-year old Media Technology student needs is his mouth, for Shawn is a beatboxer, and a darn good one too…more

26 July 2009: 8TV Quickie

David Garpenstahl, CEO and Chairman of DreamHack and Jasmine Low, Founder / Festival Director of Indie Youth Fest and Go International E-sports Cup talk to Hunny Madu and Tzer. View it here: The 8TV Quickie: 26 July 09

21 July 2009: Business FM 89.9fm

Digital Culture, LAN Gaming and Music all at DreamHack: Jasmine Low & NIkki Yeo of Go International Group talk about their tie-up with DreamHack and how Malaysians could qualify for a chance to go there for free.

Listen to interview

Listen to interview

13 July 2009: The Star In.Tech

Go International Group signs partnership agreement with DreamHack Sweden


Here’s what happened in 2008


'Silver for our gamers' The Star - 2 Sep, 2008



ESWC, KLUE's FACEBOOK Group of the month!



The Star Announcement - 3 Jul, 2009



China Press on ESWC08 Malaysia - 13 Oct, 2009



Oriental Daily - 29 Sep, 2009


The Star Metro - 13 May 2008

The Star Metro – 13 May 2008

8TV Quickie
Date: 27 July 2008
Time: 11.30pm
Subject: Indie Youth Fest featuring ESWC 2008 Malaysia
View this on > Media Clipping Archives

8TV Quickie
Date: 18 June 2008
Time: 11.30pm
Subject: Indie Youth Fest featuring ESWC 2008 Malaysia
View this on > Media Clipping Archives

Latest update: ONE BUCK SHORT joins the fray, playing a set on Friday 4th July 2008.

Indie Youth Festival 2008 celebrates digital culture and all things indie in collaboration with the National Finals of ESWC 2008 Malaysia!

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 May 2008 – The Independent Youth Festival 2008, reveals more indie bands to its line-up today. Joining the fray at the indie concert on 5 & 6 July are three-piece band Tempered Mental, Laguna Record’s pop band Estrella, Oh Chentaku! and singer songwriters including songstress Mia Palencia, Zalila Lee and rising newcomer, Yuna.Fuelled by the yearnings of the Y-generation for independence, Malaysian youth of today are keeping the ‘indie spirit’ very much alive. Evidence of a new mindset; the ‘indie’ culture exists in pockets of the Klang Valley with music gigs, film screenings and other alternative forms of artistic expression including social networking on Facebook™ amongst the many other popular sites, uploading pictures on Flickr™, downloading ringtones by indie singer songwriters or picking up a comic produced by local cartoonists. The one thing that holds true is that more and more, Malaysians are doing it for themselves!Indie Youth Fest Organiser, Go International Group promises an exciting line-up of activities during the 3-day festival organised with venue partner, 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Following the success of over 100 indie gigs around the Klang Valley since 2002, its community project Doppelganger Open Mic and Stage encourages youth to develop their passion into possible careers.‘We believe in keeping the indie spirit alive by providing a platform for youth to showcase their creativity. Our community project Doppelganger Open Mic has organised gigs which feature musicians, singer songwriters, filmmakers and even poets, attracting 50-80 people each time. We felt it was time to bring all of the talents together to reach a wider audience at the Indie Youth Fest,’ added Nikki Yeo, Executive Producer of Indie Youth Fest and Group Managing Director of Go International Group.

Aside from two indie band and singer songwriter concerts on July 5 and 6, there will also be film screenings by indie filmmakers, cartoon corner, graffiti bar, console game competitions, self-defence and boxing demonstration by the Malaysian Boxing Association plus lots more activities to ensure the 3-day festival allows youth to either participate, spectate then blog about it.

Go International Group has also collaborated with Filmmakers Anonymous, to present the ‘Digital Culture’ Short Film Showcase. The short film showcase on the theme of ‘Digital Culture’ in conjunction with the first ever held in Malaysia, Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) – Malaysian edition. All filmmakers are invited to send in a short film of not more than 10 minutes on this theme for the showcase! The 10 short listed entries will be screened at 1 Utama. The winner will be decided by a panel of judges and will walk away with some great prizes! Filmmakers Anonymous has been actively organising bi-monthly ‘screening gigs’ of new and emerging indie films.

Committed to serving the youth, Go International Group, also the organisers of Electronic Sports World Cup 2008 Malaysia, believes in supporting events that help empower young Malaysians to a higher level. It expects to welcome over 20,000 visitors to the 3-day festival at High Street, 1 Utama Shopping Centre from 4-6 July 2008.

More details online:
Indie Youth Fest:
Doppelganger Open Mic Blog:
ESWC Blog:


For further inquiries:
Nikki Yeo
National Director
Indie Youth Fest
Tel +6012 9898 288
Email: /


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